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Product Description


This product is a multifunctional finishing agent for dyeing and finishing of polyester and blended fabrics. It imparts durable hydrophilicity, moisture wicking, antistatic, and easy decontamination properties to the fabric, so that the polyester fiber and its blended fabric have some basic characteristics of natural fibers, and the finished fabric has washing durability.

Main Components: It is a ternary block copolymer with combination of polyester polyether polysiloxane

Ionic Type: nonionic

Appearance: Canary yellow to yellow solid

pH Value: 4-6

Solid content: ≥98%

Product characteristics: This product can make polyester fiber soil release, hydrophilic, moisture wicking and antistatic.It also can make polyester fiber soft and lubricated,reduce fabric scratches, creases and chicken paw prints.This product can impart a fluffy feel to the treated fabric,improve color yield,brightness of interlock fabric.

Recommended concentration: diluted to 5%-15%

Dilution method and process: water    Stirring 80r/min   Warming up to 80 °C   put in solid moisture wicking agent slowly  heat preservation at 75-80 °C for 60-90 min   Cooling to 40 °C           Filtration and discharge.


1. During the swelling process, stratification will occur (the moisture wicking agent floats in the upper layer and the water in the lower layer), which is a normal phenomenon. After the swelling starts, the mixture is cooled to below 65 °C, which will be homogeneous;

2. Dilute to 10% concentration without adding defoamer.Dilute to 15% and abov,it is recommended to add 0.2% polyether antifoam before heating.

3. If the concentration is too high, the fluidity of the diluent will be deteriorated (especially in winter). It is recommended that the dilution concentration not exceed 20%.

Application process:

1. Impregnation method: solution with the concentration of 10%   dosage:(1-4)% o.w.f, 

Dyeing in one bath or room temperature to 50 ℃ for 15-30min.

2. Padding method: preparation of solution [diluted moisture wicking agent (8-15)% formulated into (10-50) g/L]    one dip and one rolling or two dip and two rolling (Rolling rate 65%-75%)        Drying (100-130) °C       Styling (170-190) °C.

Environmental property: This product is environmental-friendly and does not contain banned chemicals and meets the EU OTEX-100 standard.

Package and storage: 25Kg per kraft paper lining woven bag.Stored in a cool and dry place.Storage life is 1 year.


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