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High Viscosity Silicone Oil

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High Viscosity Silicone Oil

The present invention relates to a preparation method for high viscosity silicone oil. This method guarantees a stable viscosity, and it also eliminates long-sticking phenomena. The present invention has an increased product yield by three to five percent over existing technical conditions. It also saves 8-12% of the cost compared to conventional production methods, and it meets production requirements. Further, the method is very easy to operate and control the reaction temperature.

High viscosity silicone fluids have several technical applications. A common example is the application of viscous type dampers for torsional vibration in internal combustion engines. These materials exhibit varying elastic and damping properties that are frequency and temperature dependent. Such properties allow the development of complex dynamic models for powertrains with dynamic torsional vibration dampers. This research has implications for engine designs. Once it is developed, it will help engineers build dynamic dampers for the internal combustion engine.

The chemical composition of high viscosity silicone oil varies considerably. Some are made with a higher degree of purity than others, while others are produced from cheaper sources. Nonetheless, the chemical composition and degree of purification also determine the viscosity. In this study, the viscosity of high viscosity silicone oil is tens to ten thousand centistokes/ml.

The current study reveals that low-viscosity silicone oil emulsified more quickly than high-viscosity silicone oil (SO). However, this finding is not statistically significant. This study supports other previous research that suggests a higher degree of emulsification is required for high-quality vitreoplasties. Its results are consistent with those of Heidenkummer et al.

The complex stiffness of high-viscosity silicone oil was measured at two different temperatures, 50 degC and 110 degC. The results of the measurements were summarized in Figs. 4 and 5. The results were compared to those of other lubricants, including the petroleum-based oil. This research has led to several important discoveries regarding the rheological properties of high-viscosity silicone oil.

Another study demonstrates the effectiveness of high-viscosity silicone oil as a torsional vibration damper. The research also demonstrates that the new material allows for the design of unconventional torsional vibration dampers. The new material has similar external appearance to conventional viscous dampers, but with a greater damping effect. This study also highlights the safety and efficacy of silicone oil for this type of application.



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