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Textile Auxiliary Products

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Textile Auxiliary Products

Textile auxiliary products are a range of chemicals that facilitate the processing of textile materials. They are essential for the desired effects. Textile auxiliary products are used in a wide variety of applications including dyeing, printing and finishing. For instance, sizing agents, rayon additives, and retanning are auxiliary products produced by Archroma. In addition to chemicals, textile auxiliary products include softners and retention aids.

Auxiliaries used in textile manufacturing are used in the washing, dyeing, and finishing of yarns and fabrics. These products come in various forms and are categorized into cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric agents. Some of the most important types of textile auxiliaries are dyeing and finishing agents, which are primarily used in dyeing processes. These substances are effective in improving the durability and appearance of fabrics.

The apparel sector is expected to account for a large share of the textile auxiliary market in 2020. Increased popularity of athletic clothing and sports apparel is expected to drive the market growth in this sector. Increasing demand for customized apparels will help apparel manufacturers increase their bottom line by personalizing and customizing their designs. These auxiliary products also help manufacturers to avoid bacterial infections caused by textiles. However, the use of synthetic materials in clothing has its limitations. The lack of skilled labor in the textile industry will hamper the growth of the global textile auxiliary products market.

The global textile auxiliary products market is highly fragmented, with local market participants and multi-nationals competing for share of market. However, only a handful of players account for a large share of the global market. These companies are Dow Chemical, Huntsman International LLC, Archroma, Evonik Industries AG, and Wacker Chemie AG. For more information, please visit the Global Textile Auxiliaries Market report.

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