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The Versatile silicone Oils

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The Versatile silicone Oils

Silicone oil is a liquid silicone polymerized with organic molecules having opposite electrical charge. The major component is dimethicone. These silicone compounds are of industrial interest due to their high thermal stability, lubricating abilities and their water-resistant characteristics. The silicone used in the making of these components is generally obtained from petroleum by means of various methods such as melting or canning.

Silicone oil is formed into the desired shape as a result of the crystallization of dimethicone during the heating process. It is important to note that silicone oil is soluble and can be readily absorbed into aqueous media through either water or oil. Thus silicone oil has the ability to form readily into aqueous solutions through aqueous media, which means it can readily enter the cells. Its ability to form into solution allows it to perform much better than petroleum-based lubricants, which tend to form insoluble aggregates. In addition, silicone oil contains a much higher density than petroleum-based fluids, which make it a more viscous substance. Thus, silicone oil, when cooled, returns to its solid form than do petroleum fluids.

Silicone oil contains numerous organic side chains which are important for its lubricating properties. These chains are important for its anti-wear and tear characteristics. Some of these organic side chains include carboxylic acid, disulphide, propylenediamine, and cinnamides. Other properties of silicone oil include its thermosetting and solubility properties, its anti-stagnant property, its slip-on nature and its light weight.

Silicone oil is suitable for applications where there is wear and tear on the parts and it is also good to use when working in high temperatures. Moreover, silicone oils are free from flammability, have good thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion properties. Using silicone oils also help manufacturers reduce the cost of repair and replacement of parts made from brittle materials such as stainless steel and copper. Moreover, the lubricity level of silicone oils allows them to be used in many other industries apart from cosmetic and healthcare.

When it comes to lubrication, silicone oils have very high levels of thermal stability, which makes it suitable for application where high temperatures are necessary. Its viscosity is low and its density is high, which makes it ideal for use in friction bearings, pump bearings, and many other parts. Its anti-dents, slip resistance and overall elasticity make it an excellent choice for friction bearing areas. Its viscosity also enables it to maintain the appropriate amount of friction, even under high heat loads.

Silicone oil can be used to make cells inside the plastic bottles of soda drinks, and also in the hot air conditioning systems. The resiliency of silicone polymers make them an excellent choice for use as temporary adhesive to prevent the theft of household items. Cosmetic industries can also make use of them to make temporary fixings for bumpers, grilles, doorstops, and various other hardware. There are numerous uses of these silicone oils, and more are on the horizon. As these polymers grow in popularity and demand, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies are making regular use of them to manufacture a wide range of products.



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